What is Garbage Disposal?

Food waste disposers, more commonly known as garbage disposals, are a true evolution in how we manage kitchen food waste.

By shredding food waste into pieces small enough to pass through plumbing, these devices make it easy to dispose of kitchen scraps without creating a messy buildup of rotting food.

The installation of a food waste disposer is the perfect complement to a modern kitchen. Whether you’re preparing a quick meal for yourself or entertaining guests, having a garbage disposal unit installed under your sink will help you keep your kitchen clean and tidy with minimal effort.

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 Garbage disposal repair.

Plumber On wheels has become a passion of ours and our large team of technicians shares the same vision as us which centers on a customer-oriented experience. When it comes to garbage disposal repair, there is no better service than us, and we’re not just saying that, our customers tell us all the time. We have built our reputation upon providing a great, honest service that everyone has come to depend on and we are always looking for ways to improve our service. If you have a garbage disposal that needs to be repaired, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you fix it. Thank you for considering us for your garbage disposal repair needs.

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Garbage disposals are a handy kitchen appliance that can make cleaning up after meals a breeze.

However, like any other appliance, they can sometimes stop working properly.

If your garbage disposal is giving you trouble, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it yourself.

  • First, check to see if the reset button has been tripped. If so, simply push it and then try to turn on the disposal again.
  • Next, make sure that the cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet or hardwired into an electrical box.

If necessary, reset the circuit breaker that supplies electrical power to the unit.

If the blades have stopped moving when you turn on the power, you may need to replace them.

Finally, if your garbage disposal is still not working properly, it may be time to call in a professional for repair or replacement.

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Power Food Dispenser Parts  

Evolution® 200 disposer

Top of the range, the Evolution 200 features three stage grind technology and our quietest technology.

It’s our most powerful and quietest model. Don’t worry about what you can and cannot grind… the Evolution 200 grinds all food waste. Full stop.

Product Features

  • Premium technology for everyone, especially those who enjoy entertaining regularly
  • 60% quieter than standard models
  • Three stages of grinding – grinds all food waste for the finest grind
  • Built-in air switch (in polished chrome or brushed steel) accessory for easy installation and added convenience
  • Power booster circuit with micro-processor increases torque to tackle the most difficult to grind foods
  • Stainless steel grind chamber (1,180ml) and stainless steel superior grinding elements handle all waste
  • Stainless steel strainer basket and plug
  • Auto-reverse action for extended product life and trouble free operation
  • 6 year parts and labour guarantee
  • 0.75hp

InSinkErator® Sink Baffle

InSinkErator® Sink Baffle / Mounting Gasket / Flange.  The Baffle causes running water to pool in the sink opening resulting in a thin “water dam”. This acts as a cap on the disposer reducing the amount of noise that comes up through the sink opening, particularly with the Evolution 100 and 200.For use with models 65+, 66, Evolution 100 and Evolution 200.  It is removable in all three models to assist with cleaning.  Fits into top of sink.

InSinkErator® Square Waste Adapter

InSinkErator® Square Waste Adaptor.  For use with sinks with square waste.  Measurement of waste 115mm x 115mm.  Fits all InSinkErator Food Waste Disposers.

InSinkErator® Extended Mounting Flange

InSinkErator® Extended Mounting Flange / Collar. Suitable for a sink with a thinckness of 18mm plus.  Use with all food waste disposers.

InSinkErator® Button & Tube Kit

InSinkErator® Airswitch Button and Tube Kit.  No electrical component.
InSinkErator Airswitch provides a safe and easy way to turn the disposer on and off.  
A simple push-button switch sends an air pulse through a thin plastic tube to the disposer switch unit.
This activates/deactivates the disposer and eliminates the need for a separate wall switch.  For use with Models 55+, 56, 65+, 66, Evolution 100 and Evolution 200. Available in Chrome only.

InSinkErator® Double Bowl Connector Kit

InSinkErator® Double Bowl Connector Fitting Kit.  For use with all Food Waste disposers.  To assist with fitting the Food Waste Disposer to a double bowl sink.

Chrome Basketwaste

InSinkErator® Chrome Basketwaste / Plug. The basket helps prevent cutlery and non food waste items from falling into the disposer while adding to quiet operation. It also acts as a plug to capture water in the sink and strain food particles. To use with models 65+, 66, Evolution 100 and Evolution 200.

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WONDERFUL! Working with Plumber On Wheels was a smooth and professional experience. I called late in the day on Friday and they sent Mark (amazing tech) on Saturday morning. He was incredibly clean and quick, service was above and beyond what I expected. Will only use Plumber On Wheels for all of my plumbing issues moving forward. Thank you!!

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