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plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC

There is no denying that your toilets are an essential part of the house. We need bathrooms to work properly, well, you know. Therefore having a practical toilet is totally necessary. Nevertheless, toilets do not actually last forever. There’s a great deal that can be incorrect with a toilet, so when you miss one of these indicators, you might find yourself with a non-functioning toilet after all. So How to Install a Toilet?

  • How to Stop a Running Toilet

  • How to Unclog a Toilet

  • How to Fix a Toilet That Won’t Flush Well

  • How to Fix a Running Toilet

  • How to Replace a Toilet

Is your garbage disposal stuck, obstructed, spilling, or not depleting? In the event that your garbage disposal doesn’t work right, read on. This total garbage disposal investigating aide will help you rapidly analyze and fix the issue.

To decide the speediest and least demanding approach to fix your garbage disposal, you have to make sense of what the issue is. As a rule, the side effects will reveal to you what to attempt first.

  1. The garbage disposal’s over-burden circuit has closed it down.
  2. The electrical circuit that serves the garbage disposal is off.

Is it time to replace your dishwasher? Do you just need dishwasher services? Read on to find out!

You may locate that additional layers of ground surface have brought the floor tallness up before the old dishwasher. This can make it hard to expel the old dishwasher and introduce the upgraded one.  Additionally turn off the water to the dishwasher at the closest shutoff valve, as a rule the heated water shutoff under the sink. a dishwasher involves connecting the copper water line so it doesn’t leak. This can be tricky.


We are available 24/7 to perform routine drain maintenance, emergency drain cleaning services, and sewer cleaning. Our drain cleaning services include floor drains, downspout drains, storm drains, sewer drains, and more.

As being a premier drain cleaning company, Plumber On Wheels is leading the industry by cleaning more drains and performing more sewer line repairs than any other company in Fort Lauderdale. Plumber On Wheels can help with almost any clogged drain and provide all sewer cleaning services. Our plumbers provide both household and commercial services, responding to clogged kitchen drains, blocked bathroom drains, clogged up outdoor drains, and back logged sewer lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is your electric hot water heaters taking a long time to get to a high temperature, runs out of hot water faster than it used to, or doesn’t provide any hot water at all. Plumber On Wheels will be happy to provide you the service to correct these problems. 

Water heater technology is changing—fast! And even though all the new models are more energy efficient hot water heater models, that doesn’t indicate you’ll find them the most cost effective for your household. Call us to help you find the best and most cost effective water heater!

The home building process includes understanding how the domestic plumbing in your house works from the city’s water colocar and sewer to your drain lines and faucets.

The plumbing technicians specialize in solving all of your drain collection problems, whether you need a tube repaired, hydro-jetted, or removed with a fish. All of us start with completely understanding your plumbing symptoms by carrying out routine analysis and then make the most cost-effective professional suggestions to meet your needs.

We at Plumber on Wheels understand that satisfaction from our customers is the most important. 

plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC


Our Plumbing Services

plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC

Toilets & Faucets

Toilets Install $179.99

Our services are available round the clock and we are always ready to swiftly help you with your toilets back up and repair needs.

plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC

Hot Water HEaters

Service Water Heater Start From $99.99

Plumber On Wheels services water heater repairs and replacements. Whether it’s an annoying leak or a frustrating inefficiency, we can help you look into your water heater and fix whatever is wrong with it.

plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC

Drain Cleaning

Sewer Line Cleaning Start from $149.99

Our sewer line cleaning and repair services are efficient and effective. We do not dig into or tear up your property. We employ the latest trenchless technologies to detect and fix sewer line problems.

plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC

Plumbing Services

Gas Plumbing Services Start From $99.99

Are you in need of plumbing repair services for your property? Do you want reliable service with professional Plumbers? You need Plumber on Wheels. Whether you need something as simple as new plumbing fixtures installed, sewer line cleaning or water leak detection & repair our residential customers are known for excellent, superior Plumbing service.

plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC

Commercial Plumber

Service Call Start Form $99.99

A plumbing problem in a commercial building could spell disaster for the organization. Apart from the structural damage that could cost a fortune to fix. customers constantly complain of leaking taps and burst pipes. Our expert commercial plumbers are the best at what they do and you can trust them to provide top-notch commercial plumbing services.

plumbing services, PLUMBER ON WHEELS INC


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Our clients value our inputs and services and we have gained the trust of numerous homes and businesses over the couple of decades we have been in existence. Feel free to contact us today if you or anyone you know needs our plumbing services in Fort Lauderdale and its nearby areas.

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